This course is part of the A-level Programme and also part of the Humanities Foundation Course programme. It has been designed for students pursuing a degree in Psychology or a relevant discipline or any other academic discipline where knowledge of Psychology is important. It treats the subjects from a beginner's perspective and aims to provide a strong foundation of the main concepts involved. The course is complemented by a course in descriptive and inferential statistics which is offered as a separate but strongly recommneded add-on. The statistical component is considered necessary for success in the study of Psychology at degree level and is meant to stand as an extra AS-level equivalent qualification. Teaching is done in regular classes which are complemended by online notes and exercises.


Edexcel AS/A Level Psychology Student Book + ActiveBook by Christine Brain and Karren Smith, 2008
Edexcel A2 Level Psychology Student Book by Christine Brain and Karren Smith, 2009


Social Psychology
Cognitive Psychology

Biological Psychology
Learning Theories and Development

Developmental psychology
Crimilogical Psychology
Health Psychology

Clinical Psychology
Psychological Skills
Synoptic Questions