The course is part of the A-level Programme and also part of the Humanities Foundation Programme. It aims to provide the students with a thorough knowledge of English law, concerning its principles and theories. It also provide a broad understanding of the various branches of law in order to give a fuller picture of the role of law. The course provides a general overview of a number of areas of law that a student would encounter while reading for a first degree in law. It aims to develop an analytical and critical approach to the application of legal principles and to consider the appropriateness of dealing with certain aspects of behaviour within the law. Upon completing the course, the student will have gained enough of an understanding to be able to cope with the rigours of a university law course, while others that continue in other fields will have gained the skills necessary for social sciences in general and writing critical reviews and essays more broadly.


AQA Law AS 2nd Edition Richard Wortley, 2013
AQA Law A2 2nd Edition Guy Blundell, 2013


• The nature and purpose of law.
• Legal theories are introduced which help develop an understanding of the role, function and benefits of law in society
• Concepts of justice and morality are compared with law both in England and elsewhere
• Parliamentary and judicial law making
• How legal disputes are resolved by a range of people involved in that process
• The effectiveness, impact and costs of the law

• The overlap between civil and criminal outcomes from the same event
• Separate legal consequences of activities
• The application of legal principles
• Outcomes in dispute resolution in decided cases and statutes
• The contrast in the use of law is explored through different contexts

The course will be covered in a period of 30 weeks and there will be 30 modules each corresponding to a week's of courseload. Each of the aboev sectiosn is treated almost evenly, with some more emphasis being placed on the Tort and Criminal law headings in order to allow some depth in the study of cases and statutes. A series of lectures at the end of the course is devoted to politics, so as to allow placing law into a broader context, and how it is related to society more generally. Click for entry test preparation