The Econmics course is part of the A-level programme but also forms part of the Economics and Business Foundation Course. The course aims to prepare students who are pursuing a degree in Economics or in other Business or Management disciplines. It covers important topics from micro and macro economics and aims to develop on understanding of current economic science as this applies to a wide range of contemporary economic issues.


A level Economics for Edexcel by Alain Anderton, 2008


introduction to the nature of economics
price mechanism and
allocation ofresources in local, national and global markets. Students will learn to apply
supply and demand analysis to real-world situations
reasons for consumer behaviour
nature and causes of market failure
strengths and weaknesses of possible policy remedies

key measures of economic performance and the
main objectives and instruments of economic policy in an international context.
use of a basic AD/AS model to analyse changes in real output and the price level. Students will look at when
demand and/or supply side policies and their appropriateness in improving an economy’s performance
policies in an historical context
predicting the possible impact of policies and recognising the assumptions involved
understanding different approaches of policy makers to address macroeconomic problems and to identify criteria for success.

pricing and the nature of competition between firms
number and size of market participants
analyse and evaluate the pricing and output decisions of firms in different contexts and
understand the role of competition in business decision making
making an appraisal of government intervention aimed at promoting competitive markets

application, analysis and evaluation of economic models is required as well as an ability to
assessing policies that might be used to deal with economic problems
trends and developments in the global economy over the last 40 years, including contemporary issues
wider reading and research to enable students to use up-to-date and relevant examples in their analysis
evaluation of issues and developments in the global economy