The Biology Advanced Level course is part of the A-level programme but also part of the Biological Sciences Foundation Course. The course is designed to to give you a background for the first year of your Bachelor degree in biology, or in relevant fields, such as dietetics, pharmacy etc. It covers a wide range of topics. The course is delivered by class teaching at 6 hours per week over 30 weeks along with detailed notes that should be used as support study for the course. However, the programme is not designed to replace a textbook. It is rather designed to be used alongside a textbook. There are frequent assessments and tests during the course to help you focus your attention to the key elements and to prepare you for the exams.


- Edexcel AS Biology Student Book (Edexcel A Level Sciences): Students' Book with ActiveBook, by Ann Fullick and Mr Patrick Fullick, 2008,
- Edexcel A Level Science: Students' Book with ActiveBook CD: A2 Biology (Edexcel GCE Biology) by Ann Fullick, 2009


structure and function of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins; enzyme action
structure and properties of cell membranes; passive and active transport
structure and role of DNA and RNA
replication; protein synthesis
monohybrid inheritance
gene mutations
principles of gene therapy; social and ethical issues.

cell structure and ultrastructure of eukaryote and prokaryote cells; cell specialisation
the role of meiosis
genotype and environmental influence
stem cell research and its implications
biodiversity, adaptations and natural selection
principles of taxonomy
plant cell structure
transport of water in plants
uses of plant products.

photosynthesis; energy transfer within ecosystems
evidence for global warming
evolution through natural selection and speciation
nutrient recycling
DNA profiling and PCR
structure of bacteria and viruses
infectious diseases (e.g. AIDS and TB) and immunology

ATP, glycolysis, anaerobic/aerobic respiration
control and functioning of heart; ventilation and cardiac output
the nervous system
impact of exercise on body, and improving performance
hormonal coordination
brain structure and development
imbalances in brain chemicals
Human Genome Project.

The course spans 30 weeks and is organised in a corresponding number of modules. Each module has a downloadable set of notes which offer a brief description of what is done in class and also makes reference to corresponding material in the recommended textbook.